Hotelhero is a tool for hoteliers to design the most coherent and integrated technology stack. Therefore the accuracy of product offerings is key to making the right purchasing decisions.

 Should you list one or multiple product profiles?

You can create an unlimited number of products for free and assign a maximum of 2 product categories per product.

The question is: can your products be sold separately or as an add-on to a main product?

If product A can be sold alone then it will have a dedicated profile. 

If product B can only be purchased when having product A, product B will have an add-on profile.

If product B is simply a small functionality of product A, it does not qualify for dedicated profile (e.g. an email template editor add-on should not have a dedicated profile, it is a features of your CRM or PMS product)

If you wish to discuss this with us and how to best position your products within the platform, feel free to reach out on the chat or book a meeting.