When hoteliers sign up to use all functionalities of the search and recommendation engine, we ask them for their hotel name, business email, name and last name, and position. 

By connecting to the Google My Places API, we retrieve different data points including the hotel's website URL.

Once this done, our verification engine will automatically match the business email domain with the hotel's website URL.

If the verification succeeds, the hotelier will be assigned to the official hotel account. In the case a hotelier uses 3rd party email providers like gmail.com or gmx.net, a manual verification will be done on our side via the phone or email to request proof from the hotelier.

Note that even if the matching succeeds, an email will still be sent to the hotelier's business address for account confirmation.

Only hoteliers with a verified account and linked to an existing hotel of the database will be eligible to assign systems to his property (confirm the hotel is using the solution), request demos to providers or review a product.