In our product browser, products rank depending on their Hotelhero Index.

The Hotelhero Index is a unique & iterative scoring methodology which facilitates hoteliers' search for new solutions. The score is based out of 100 and encompasses multiple variables, each having their own dedicated weight based on their relevance. These variables are the following:

I. Review score (80% weight)

II. Transparency score (10% weight)

III. Reference count (10% weight)

I. The Review score:

With at least one full reviews or "Likelihood to Recommend*":

  1. We take the average of all your full reviews and simple reviews (aka Likelihood to recommend - LtRs*)
  2. We then multiply this average x20 to get to a score out of 100
  3. If your product does not have any full reviews yet, the review score gets a penalty of 10 points (as soon as you collect your first full review, this deduction is removed)
  4. We apply a penalty of 35 points based on your total number of reviews. To remove this penalty:
    • Each full review will deduct 2.5 points from the "review volume cap"
    • Each LtR will deduct 0.5 points from the "review volume cap"

Example: if a product has 6 completed reviews and 10 LtRs, the "review volume cap" is 0 and thus doesn't negatively impact the average review score. (n.B. As full reviews are more important and relevant than simple LtR, products with no written reviews will be deducted another 10 from their average review score)

Without any full reviews & LtRs: you are given a base review score of 50

II. Transparency score

Each element in your profile has an impact on your transparency score. Make sure to fill in all the blanks to get all the points.

Example: if your transparency score is 80%, you will receive 8 points on your Hotelhero Index. 

III. Reference count

To get the maximum points on "reference count", you need to add a minimum of 150 properties

Example: if you have added 80 references, you will receive 5 points on your Hotelhero Index. 

Special cases:

If a product has no full reviews or LtRs, it has a base review score of 30. The 10% weight of transparency score and the 10% weight of the references count still apply.