As early founders or marketers, we know how busy your days can be so we thought we'd give you some of our proven tips to run a successful campaign.

  1. Maximize your audience size: The more emails you send, the more reviews you will get. Make sure to also request reviews from other users within your client properties and not just the person who subscribed to your product.
  2. Personalise your emails: Personalisation has a strong impact on your conversion rate, even once the recipient is your client. Make sure to address clients by their name and, potentially add the name of their property in your text to make it feel like a 1 to 1 outreach.
  3. Make sure to follow up at least once: Following up is one of the most important rules in emailing, especially when your readers are hoteliers, and therefore busy and not always looking at their inbox. Sending at least one followup will result in up to 2 times your conversion rates.
  4. Make sure the recipient knows the sender's name:  Most successful campaigns come from a recognizable member of your team as clients are more likely to engage when they receive an email from someone they know are familiar with. Generally, account managers or the company CEO are the senders who will have the best conversion.
  5. Launch your campaigns at the right time & day: Choose a date & time when clients are most likely to be up to date with their to-dos or don't have urgent matters to take care of. Monday, Thursday & Friday are probably the busiest days of the week for hoteliers so we suggest sending your campaigns Tuesday & Wednesday morning.