One of the highlight features of Hotelhero is to recommend solutions to hoteliers based on their characteristics (size, property type, location and amenities) and the systems they are currently using.

By adding a variety (in size and location mainly) of references, you will show you can cater to multiples arrays of properties. Every hotel that is added to the Hotelhero database, that it be by a provider, by a hotelier signing up or by the admin team at Hotelhero, is automatically being enriched with publicly available information like size, property type, location, amenities and more.

The way our recommendation engine works is that for any logged-in hotelier researching your product category, our browser automatically ranks products recommendations based on their match with the property's criteria (hotel size & location, current systems used) so if you have a different set of clients, make sure to share that with our users.

A minimum of 100 references is required to receive the maximum points in your Hotelhero Index.