To help buyers in their search, we put together a profile completeness score for vendors to share as much information about their product(s). Each of the following 8 points will impact this score. The completeness score is then aggregated as part of the Hotelhero Index.

1. In your company page, add your company logo, HQ location, number of employees and your of creation, contact person, support types offered and social media links.

2. In your products dashboard, add a product description with main features and USP

3. Add a demo video URL if available (you can add it from different online platforms: youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion)

4. Select main features from the chosen product categories. If one is missing, write to us directly in the chat.

5. Add links to your help center, backend login page and product page on your website


These information points are the minimum to get profiles claimed (the portfolio shows claimed profiles before unclaimed).

6. Upload screenshots (jpeg preferred) of your solution and a description, you can also upload gifs. Your transparency score will partly be influenced by having a minimum of 4 images and accurate screenshots.

7. Add your pricing by choosing the right model for your offerings. Providing a minimum price means that whatever the size of the property, your pricing per room/month has a cap at a certain amount.


Product A costs 2€/room per month with a minium price of 100€.

Hotel de la Paix has 27 rooms, which give your 2*27=54€. Hotel de la Paix will still pay 100€.

Your transparency score will partly be influenced by the completeness of your pricing (pricing will only be shown to signed up hoteliers).

8. Add references and integrations.

If you wish to discuss this with us, feel free to reach out on the chat or book a meeting.